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This piece of art is an example of Handmade Craftsmanship. Made from Natural Pink Rose Quartz, each piece is unique with its own natural features making no two pieces the same.

Created with extreme care and love, this stone serves as a perfect gift for your loved ones or, as a beautiful conversational piece. This tray is also a perfect addition to elevating your dining, dressing, coffee table, or kitchenware.

Material: Pink Rose Quartz
Size: 260 x  300 mm
Shape: Irregularly shaped with gold trim around the edges.
Handles: N/A
Base: Anti-slip PVC base underneath the marble stone.

*Size and colour of agate may vary slightly due to the nature of natural stones

Care instructions: Use a damp cloth saturated with a little washing detergent to wipe the surface of the tray. Use another cloth saturated with water to wipe the tray until all traces of soap are removed.

Do not wet the handles. Simply wipe with a dry cloth to clean both handles.

It is recommended to keep the tray in its box when not in use.


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