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AURA Crystal Gemstone Candle

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While exploring the lightness in your heart


AURA is home to Rainbow Fluorite, a wondrous gem that has both a spectrum of colours and benefits. A natural absorber of negative energy, this crystal eliminates feelings of self-doubt while powerfully shielding you from those who may cause harm. Another healing property may be a newfound sense of mental clarity and physical coordination in daily life. 

The second crystal in this powerful duo is Clear Quartz- a stone best known as an amplifier. Due to the stone's versatile nature, clear quartz is often best paired with other crystals to faster manifest intentions and restore the body's energy more fervently. They are master-healers in the realm of stones and a staple in any gem collection. 

When the gems are revealed, they may be used as jewellery for their energy benefits. 

This candle is scented for positive energy and can be used for home decor or as a luxury gift set for special occasions

    AURA Crystal Candle (L) 200g - 3Rituals
    AURA Crystal Gemstone Candle Sale priceRM203.99 MYR
    no-toxic - 3Rituals


    herb - 3Rituals


    jar - 3Rituals


    crystals - 3Rituals

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