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About us

Love, Serenity & Nature

Interior Design is my heart, my passion. I love bringing empty spaces to life. Expressing my creativity through art and design.

My inspiration comes from the great outdoors. Breathing in the clean, crisp air. Watching the sun rise beyond the horizon. Feeling the tingling sensation of a brand new day.

When I’m not hiking, I’m unhurriedly exploring my inner world. Done properly, meditation brings balance, equanimity and joy- a process that I love sharing with people.

Art & Design. Nature. Spirituality. These are foundation stones of 3 Rituals.

A perfectly imperfect fusion of art and design, serenity and the abundance of nature.

Through this project, I hope to be able to Collect, Curate, Create what inspires, motivates and benefits me & share it with you.

The light we give comes from light received. It is truly a privilege and honour to have you on this journey with me.

Here's to positivity.


Catherine Lai
Founder, 3Rituals



For more information on 3Rituals or to request an interview, please email Catherine Lai at