Love, Serenity and Nature

My passion is Interior Design. I love bringing empty spaces to life. I love hunting for furniture and fittings that are just right for the owners. 

And then there’s hiking- nothing makes me feel more free than being in the great outdoors. I’m always planning my next getaway with my buddies. We have an unspoken agreement: Hiking doesn’t stop because we grow old. We grow old the day we stop hiking.

3Rituals was the inevitable lovechild of these two worlds: interior design, and my connection with nature. I sought out things from the earth, gemstones and metals that are often overlooked, common pieces that become extraordinary when paired together. I wanted to create thoughtful pieces for the home and office, beautiful objects for personal and public spaces.

And so, an idea was born. Or rather, a collection of Home Fragrance & Interior Accessories Meticulously crafted from the finest materials. 

Through this project, I hope to be able share what inspires, motivates and benefits me. It’s a small step and I want to invite you to take this journey with me.



Catherine Lai
Founder, 3Rituals
March 2021





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