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Article: How to manifest your intentions

How to manifest your intentions - 3Rituals

How to manifest your intentions

Manifest your intentions with candles from 3Rituals.

Intention candles can help you manifest a desire or intention. Done correctly, it can help you focus or align your thinking. It’s not about arm-twisting fate. If you don’t get what you want, it can simply mean the divine has bigger and better plans for you.

3Rituals has two types of intention candles: ABUNDANCE, and PURE LOVE. Each candle comes with carefully selected gemstones to enhance intention casting, along with original scents to complement the experience. Use ABUNDANCE to receive joy, luck, and money; PURE LOVE for kindness and intuition.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start by setting your intentions. What do you crave most? Luck in love, career success, a closer relationship with the divine? Anything is possible and it starts with the power of your words. An affirmation, if you will.
  2. Get a pen and piece of paper. Write down your intention(s). This way, it’s easier to refer to them as you chant. If you have other gemstones that can elevate your particular intention, place them in the candle or around it.
  3. Once you feel prepared and are comfortably seated in a space where you won’t be interrupted—light your candle.
  4. As the candle burns, focus your energies on your intentions. Speak your intentions aloud in a chant or stare deeply into the flame while silently reciting your intentions.
  5. While meditating, welcome the emotions that come at you and allow yourself to get lost in the flames. This will power creates more energy towards your intentions. Visualising the end result also is a great motivation booster.
  6. When you feel fulfilled, express gratitude, and put out the flame. You have completed your intention casting.

Creating positive energy for occasions

When you’re entertaining at home or want to create a positive atmosphere, welcome love and warmth with a PURE LOVE candle. It releases gorgeous notes of orange, violet leaf, and rose- known for creating a bright, peaceful aura that is unmatched. These scents were specially chosen for their abilities to calm the senses. The accompanying gemstones, Rose Quartz and Amethyst, heighten harmony in the room for the best dinner party you’ve ever hosted.

Usher in prosperity and joy with our ABUNDANCE candle. It comes with Moroccan amber, patchouli, and tonka notes for a deep, rich ambience. And it’s paired with Citrine and Aventurine, stones selected for their ability to attract wealth and success. Who knows? ABUNDANCE may even give your business meeting an edge.

Meditation and self-healing

Much like casting intentions, our candles can help in meditation that leads to self-healing. Lighting a flame can lift one’s spirit and unblock harboured emotions. Different stones and crystals can help alleviate mental anguish, while breathing powerful high vibrations into you. 3Ritual candles only use white soy wax as white candles are commonly used to purify the body.

Here is a simple, guided mediation using 3Ritual candles:

  1. Set your intention by chanting these mantras aloud. You can change the phrases to suit your current state of mind. Say it as if it has already happened.
    “I am healthy”
    “I am healed”
    “I am loved”
  2. After memorising these three lines, work on your breath. Take deep inhales through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this until you’ve established a steady rhythm. You can choose to sit upright and cross-legged or to lie on your back.
  3. Once ready, light your candle and close your eyes. Begin to chant your mantras while visualising the end result.
  4. Continue until you feel ready to finish. Gently move your feet and fingers. Then open your eyes.
  5. Put out your candle.

Relaxing with a book

Got your favourite book? Let’s begin. Lighting a candle can help melt the stresses of the day away.

PURE LOVE offers soothing scents that infuse the air with a gentle, fruity sweetness while dispelling negativity. As well, the Amethyst within the candle activates your intuition- ideal for situations where you want to find the root of your anxiety, or simply want to dive into the world of your books.

ABUNDANCE is about romance and vibrancy. It comes with a sensual, oriental scent profile that makes a great accompaniment for moments of rest and relaxation. Citrine, the other gem in ABUNDANCE, provides an intense flow throughout the body that restores and rejuvenates.

Before starting work or a new project

Inspiration is key when you want to start a fresh project. After that, you need endurance and perseverance to take it to the next level.

For a boost of creativity, use our ABUNDANCE candle. There’s Aventurine for serious willpower to keep you focussed, and Citrine, also known as the ‘wealth stone’, which invites strong wealth energy

After an illness

Feeling under the weather? A 3Rituals candle may be just what you need.

To help clear sinuses or relieve headaches, light an ABUNDANCE candle. With Eucalyptus as a top note, this candle will help you breathe when you find yourself struggling for breath.

If you’re recovering from an illness, PURE LOVE’s Rose Quartz, known as the “universal love stone” provides feelings of peace and purity while Amethyst protects you from unwarranted fears and anxiety. The latter also promotes deep sleep.

Relaxing at the spa

Create your own spa experience right at home with a 3Rituals candle. Dim the lights, light the candle, put on some soothing music, and relax. The scents from our candles help set the mood for the perfect evening- or day, if you fancy- and puts you and your partner at ease. It works even you’re single and want to treat yourself to some self-care.

Using scented candles is simply a way to help you get in touch with your body. Everyone, including beauty queens, has some insecurities about their look and physique- indulging in self-care gives provides personal space to gain a better understanding of your body and regain the confidence to be comfortable in your own skin.

For whatever the occasion, or mood you’re in, light our candles to welcome positive energy. Radiate joy. Send out good vibes. Buy ABUNDANCE and PURE LOVE candles here.

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