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Article: The RADIATE Gemstone Candle Collection by 3RITUALS

The RADIATE Gemstone Candle Collection by 3RITUALS - 3Rituals

The RADIATE Gemstone Candle Collection by 3RITUALS

RADIATE is a line of luxe candles used for setting intentions by fusing together, gemstones in soy wax and the perfect ambience for endless amounts of positive energy.

From the beginning of time, many have turned to the healing properties of crystals to reinvigorate the body and mind by utilising its high vibrational energies. By combining them with the ultimate home staple, RADIATE will help to usher in all your intentions by simply, lighting a candle. Each scent has also been specifically curated to match the purposes of the gemstones for an immersive experience.

Whether you’re in need of a candle to meditate, unwind, or beautify your home, RADIATE is the ideal addition to any space. After all, what you place in your home is just as important as what you place on your body.

Once your candle has burned to the point of revealing the gemstones, you may extract the crystals and scatter them around for a touch of light in every corner, or convert them into pieces of jewellery.

Each of our candles are also made of 100% soy wax and contain crystals that were selected for the purpose of emanating positivity, unconditional love, peace, harmony, and abundance.

So light a candle to radiate your intention, illuminate what you need, and embrace the light.


For centuries, gemstones have been at the center of attraction for humans. The vibrant hues with sparkling luster and enigmatic properties lure people into buying them. But, beauty is not the only reason to invest in a precious gemstone. It goes beyond the physical attributes. Despite superstitions and legends associated with gemstones, a lot of scientific backing and research vouch for their benefits

Stones, being formed of minerals found in the earth’s crust, have a deep impact on their wearer. They emit radiation and positive energies that calm your mind and soothe your soul. However, scientific reasons to use and wear gemstones are still debated.Here are some pertinent facts that can help you understand the real implication and meaning of using these crystals.

Understanding the Gemology

Any mineral with a striking appearance and color is a gemstone. It should be hard enough to survive the natural settings and human interference without any damage. Also, it is rare to find a valuable gemstone among a cluster of mineral rocks. Due to their mineral content, stones have a chemical composition and crystal structures that make them unique.In the study of gemology, the focus is laid mainly on aspects like hardness, crystal shape, specific gravity, and optical properties. To measure hardness, gemologists use the Moh’s scale.Diamond scores on the top of this scale with a perfect ten. Specific gravity refers to the density or heaviness of the stone, while optical properties help to differentiate the best ways to cut and polish the crystal.

Can Gemstones Harness Cosmic Energies?

Many civilizations, throughout the history of humankind, believed in the cosmic powers of gemstones. There has to be a scientific logic behind their beliefs, especially when they are documented and cited with proof. Hence, modern scientists have endeavored to study the impact of cosmic energy emitted by celestial bodies on gemstones.When a crystal receives these cosmic energies through color-coded frequencies, they seep into your body and cure the issues plaguing your life. That’s the main reason astrologers ask you to wear these birthstones, so they touch your body. This allows cosmic rays to enter your body and system to cause positive effects.

Crystal Healing in Modern Times

The new age healing sciences are embracing alternative therapies that include crystal healing. In the last five years alone, Google witnessed a surge in searches for gemstone or crystal healing fueled by celebrity endorsements. Amazon sold a massive number of Himalayan Salt lamps over the holiday season to its Prime subscribers and buyers across the USA.The millennials are causing more traction in this industry by choosing alternative healing centers for therapies based on healing crystals. Ancient scriptures from Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese cultures further prove that gems carry life-force connecting to the physical and metaphysical elements of your body.When a healer places stones on various chakra points of your body, it can help shed the negative energies and ward off illnesses. Of course, western medicine practitioners don’t buy this claim easily. They need scientific proof that crystal healing can actually result in a placebo effect on a patient.

What Does the Science Say or Prove?

Though there are no concrete scientific studies to prove the effectiveness of crystal healing, research suggests that this therapy can trigger placebo effect in the people. Placebo refers to the effects of a treatment that do not directly relate to the therapy but the patient’s responses. Hence, they conclude that a person might feel better after crystal healing.The laws in pure science may not accept gem therapy for healing in totality. But, there are other principles that prove its effectiveness, just like the law of gravitation that you observe and do not need an experiment to believe.

Crystal Healing Through Color Therapy

Even modern science believes in the amazing effect of colors on a human body. Shades of green, red, blue, purple, and others can emit rays that control the behavior and response of your body. This benefit stems from the fact that the sun is the source of all energy related to color and luster. Since gems have both these attributes, they respond positively to light.If you observe the sun’s rays through a prism, it will reflect a seven-color spectrum with two invisible colors- ultraviolet and infrared. The nine colors together form the cosmic matrix that works as the essence of our solar system. All nine planets resonate with the energies of these colors.The wavelength of colored lights emanated from the planets matches the radiation from their corresponding gemstones. A gemstone absorbs these cosmic and solar energies when they pass through it and seep into the body. This invokes a positive response by restoring chakra balance and leading to an improvement in health conditions.Each color has its specific characteristics and unique impact on your life. Hence, it is essential to consult an astrologer to choose the right type of stone, depending on the planetary placement and movements in your birth charts. Astrologers at Gempundit can help in making this decision. But, you need to understand the color influences of gemstones, first. Here, we go.

Red Ruby

The red color energy of ruby brings warmth, comfort, and love. This gemstone can enhance metabolism, improve blood pressure, and increase respiration rate. The red color also empowers you with self-confidence and vitality.

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires carry the deepest and the coolest color of the spectrum. It signifies relaxation, calmness, and contentment. It not only helps in curing sleep disorders and headaches but also develops mental acuity of its wearer.

Yellow Sapphire

As the brightest color, a yellow sapphire gemstone represents the shining sun and bright light. It stands for ambition, wisdom, and confidence in every new idea. Yellow color energy improves digestion, removes tiredness, and helps to cure skin problems. It can also reduce nervousness and awaken a passion in the heart.

Green Emerald

The green color signifies nature and brings relaxation to your body and mind. Also, it is the color of hope, liveliness, growth, and renewal. When you wear a green emerald, it balances your inner energies and benefits your heart, circulation, and lungs.Amid the noise about crystal healing in modern times, you have to make rational decisions based on both science and beliefs. Most importantly, you need to invest only in a pure and untreated gemstone onlinecarrying raw energy and cosmic powers. They can be beneficial in many ways to calm your mind, emotions, soul, and body.

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