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Article: Attract positive vibes with home décor and home accessories from 3Rituals

Attract positive vibes with home décor and home accessories from 3Rituals - 3Rituals

Attract positive vibes with home décor and home accessories from 3Rituals

2 April 2021

A collection of home fragrances, tableware and decorative items, meticulously sourced and crafted from the finest materials. Each item comes with a precious gemstone, or crystal that helps create positive energy.

3Rituals began as a gem of an idea in July 2020. The pandemic had only just begun and Catherine Lai, a single mother of two grown-up boys, wanted to start something new and different. “The pandemic has affected many lives. With all that I have been blessed with, I wanted to help make a difference, however small,” said Catherine. “I’ve always been involved in charitable works, and in many ways- this project is an extension of that.”

“I knew I had to step out, leave familiar comforts, and do something I’ve never done before.” And so, a brand was born. Or rather, a collection of home décor and home accessories that currently includes intention candles, reed diffusers, gold trim coasters, jewellery boxes, serving trays, drinking jug and glasses.

Each item comes with a crystal, gemstone or natural mineral. Gemstones are ethically sourced from Brazil, Madagascar and South Africa. Fragrance oils come from DROM, a perfume house with over 100 years of perfume-making experience. DROM is now part of an equally celebrated perfume company Givaudan. Intention candles are made with environment friendly soy wax, and lasts for as long as 40 hours.

Each handcrafted piece is imbued with positive energy and is perfect for yoga, massages, meditations, lazy afternoons, fine dining and more.

Why the name 3Rituals? Catherine explains. “It’s about the 3Cs: Create, Collect and Curate. Each step is a delicate process, a mindful, beautiful ritual for me. Everything we do, when infused with good intentions, is like a beautiful ritual.”

“3Rituals is more than a brand,” continues Catherine. “It’s an attitude, an outlook, a way of living. We Create our happiness. We Collect experiences that move us forward. We Curate what heals, motivates and enriches us.”

3Rituals was launched online on 30 March 2021, along with a soft launch on 2 April at KitaRayaKita at Sutra Gallery. The collection is currently only available online at with a bricks and mortar store in the works. Download hires photos


Download Hi-Res photos:

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